Who we are

U.Di.Con. – Consumer Defense Union – was founded in 2008 with the main purpose of protecting consumers and users of both private and public services.

We believe every citizen, regardless of their economic or social status, has the right to be given support and fair access to disputes for household, financial, e-commerce, tourism, food quality and environmental issues.

What we do

Since the beginning we have carried out the safeguard of consumers’ rights – regardless of their social and economic status -, the integration of the physically-challenged and the shield of the minors and elderly. Moreover, we are committed in fostering recognition for public-wide problems such as bullism, gambling addiction, food waste, sustainable and green economy.

We firmly believe citizen rights’ awareness can pave the way to a better society.

Driven by the spirit of initiative and attention, we run the monthly-issued UdiconNews, a magazine which collects the latest news and in-depth articles concerning what’s hot in the consumers world; furthermore, from 2018 we issue Capitan Udicon, the comic featuring the eponymous hero whose mission is to educate kids on the dangers of the modern world, from drug addiction to internet safety.

The project was born from a collaboration between U.Di.Con. and Unione Nazionale Consumatori and is funded by DIVISION III – Protection and promotion of health and safety at work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies pursuant to Article 72 of Legislative Decree 3 July 2017, n. 117 and subsequent amendments – year 2018.

There are several general objectives that had been carried out in the 18 months of the project. The activities concerned promoting the recovery of food surpluses and, at the same time, fostering food education programs and activities.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Economic Development (pursuant to the D.D. of 01/10/2018) and carried out in partnership by the fellow Associations Unione Nazionale Consumatori, U.Di.Con. and Movimento Difesa del Cittadino. It ended in March 2021 and intended to facilitate the relationship between consumers and consumer associations with the aim of improving the level of consumer awareness of their rights and providing them with the tools to implement them.

Many initiatives were planned throughout the national territory: awareness, assistance and contact with citizens has been promoted through effective and innovative tools. In addition, there were moments of discussion with citizens, on crucial issues for the protection of consumers and the economy of the country.

The project aimed to promote educational and awareness campaigns against drugs addiction. It went through doubts, questions, misguidance and feelings of teenagers which may lead to abuse. Furthermore, the project provided an in-depth reflection on the reasons why this phenomenon spreads out and takes roots.

The specific objectives of the project were related to improve and provide a proper information on the consequences and physical and psychological damage caused by substances.

The project – proposed by the Consumer Associations registered to the CNCU, with funding from the Ministry of Economic Development – General Directorate for the Fight against Counterfeiting, Italian Patent and Trademark Office – intends to educate citizens on the phenomenon of counterfeiting and inform them about related problems to legality, economy and protection tools.

The project was granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. It guaranteed, throughout 2018, social inclusion by developing actions to raise awareness, to inform and to support the physically-challenged and the elderly. One of the main activities of the project was the creation of playful-educational workshops for impaired children in seven municipalities throughout the country.

The Civilian Universal Service is the voluntary choice of young people to provide his/her commitment to service, not armed and non-violent, the Italian country. It is an important opportunity to increase his professional and social skills for young people. The youth are involved in projects related to the social inclusion, environmental heritage, educational, rights and cultural promotion etc.

Since 2011 U.Di.Con. is involved in Civilian Universal Service by which young people are involved in the social projects related to the association’s activtites.

Nowadays, the current projects aim to face the feeling of marginalization of young and elderly people implementing actions that implement activities to involve the beneficiaries of the projects in the economic and social life.


The term Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) denotes a wide range of dispute resolution processes, used in lieu of litigation, to settle disputes among two disagreeing parties with the help of a third party. In most cases, resort to ADRs is compulsory before turning to a judge, thus resulting in lowering courts workload. Furthermore, ADRs have become popular among consumers as they come up with generally shorter resolution times and fewer costs.

U.Di.Con. endorses several ADRs corcerning communication, postal service, energy, transportation and financial sectors, including agreements with Wind H3G, Vodafone, Tim, Fastweb, Poste Italiane, UniCredit, Intesa San Paolo, Acea, Enel, Eni, Trenitalia, TreNord, Netcomm and Autostrade per l’Italia.

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